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5 Awesome Things To Do Near Holbrook, AZ

Being from California and Texas, the wide-open desert landscape has always called to us, which is why we primarily buy land in Arizona. Here are 5 amazing things you can do near Holbrook, AZ, just a thirty minute drive from most of our properties.

1. Stay at the Wigwam Village #6!

The Wigwam Villages (or motels) are a chain built in the 1930's and 40's, originally numbering seven in total. All three of the surviving hotels are listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and number six is located right in the heart of Holbrook, AZ. Restored vintage cars are parked around the hotel parking lot, giving it a historic old-time feel.

Located off of Route 66, each Wigwam room has two double beds, tv, air-conditioning, a bathroom, and features all of the original restored furniture. It'll be unlike any other motel stay you've ever had!

2. Take in the history of the Petrified Forest.

The Petrified Forest is known for its fossils, particularly those of fallen trees dating back to the late Triassic period, roughly 225 million years ago. The park also contains the fossils of various flora and fauna, including giant reptiles called phytosaurs and early dinosaurs.

Bring your furry pal along to enjoy the many hiking trails, and even get a free permit to camp overnight in the north part of the park. The Petrified Forest is a designated International Dark Sky Park, making it ideal for stargazing, and there are regularly scheduled events including horseback riding, a guided tour of the Painted Desert Inn, a Puerco Pueblo guided walk, and a Triassic Program at the Rainbow Forest Museum.

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3. Marvel at the colors of the Painted Desert.

The Painted Desert was named by an expedition led by Coronado in the 1540's, and is a part of Petrified Forest National Park. It features brilliantly colored, stratified rock layers that range from brick red to light shades of lavender.

Most of the area is accessible only on foot, making it perfect for hiking and basking in the warm colors of sunset shown in the photo here. Be sure to stop by the 100-year-old Painted Desert Inn for some history on the area, and enjoy the restored murals of Hopi artist Frank Kabotie.

4. Study the petroglyphs at Rock Art Ranch.

Rock Art Ranch is a privately owned cattle ranch near Winslow, AZ, and features impeccably preserved petroglyphs carved by American natives. The petroglyph's art ranges from animals to people to unknown symbols and even a life-sized Mother of Game, and dates from between 5000 B.C. to 1400 A.D.

Take a little piece of the ranch home with you! A museum on the property offers American Indian artifacts found on the grounds, as well as cowboy and pioneer memorabilia.

Be sure to call ahead for a reservation and get more info on their Facebook page.

5. Tour 50,000 year-old Meteor Crater.

Formed during the Pleistocene Era by a meteorite that struck the Earth moving at 29,000 mph, the Meteor Crater is 560 feet deep and 3,900 feet in diameter. The Crater was used to train NASA astronauts in the 60's and 70's preparing for the Apollo Missions to the Moon.

Tour the crater and then check out the Meteor Crater Visitor Center, where you'll find displays and exhibits on meteorites, the solar system and astronomy. You won't find a site like this one just anywhere - it's a gem of the Arizona desert.

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The best thing about all five of these sites? They're all right along Old Route 66! Take a tour down America's Highway and catch all five of these historical landmarks along the way.

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