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The Many Benefits of Land Ownership

Ever wondered why the heck people buy vacant land? The reasons are endless and completely unique to the people purchasing. But here are 4 great reasons you should consider land ownership.

1. It's a place for fun family bonding time!

When I was a kid, my family was all about board games and movie nights. Most of my favorite childhood memories involve being locked in competition with my dad over a game of Monopoly, making my parents laugh during a game of charades, or just being curled up together watching a movie and having a pizza picnic. Here's the thing - there were no iPads or cellphones back then, and computers were mostly used for school and homework. How many times have you tried to get your kid's attention for even a second only to have them wave you off as they zombie-stare at their Instagram feed?

An electronics-free weekend of family bonding time spent camping, hiking and roasting marshmallows over the fire, is the perfect way to get the kids back outdoors. And studies show that kids who get more time outdoors perform better in school, are more creative, have more friends, have stronger bones and show fewer signs of depression. Help your kids learn self-sufficiency and nurture their creativity without the help of the almighty Facebook-machine, while also giving them some fun-filled family memories they'll look back on for years.

2. Live off-the-grid.

Have you ever dreamed of building a cabin, shipping-container home, or tiny home in the middle of nowhere and living off-the-grid and off the land? With new advances being made in renewable energy, it's easier than ever to solar power your cabin and create a blissful little safe haven away from the rest of the world. Create a secluded place where you can finally write that novel, enjoy the peace and serenity of the desert, or even go full-throttle and grow your own food and raise a few animals!

Not ready to live off-the-grid full time? Even better! AirBnb and similar sites make it easy to rent out your special haven to vetted renters looking for unique experiences. You get the best of both worlds - privacy and seclusion when you want it, and some extra cash in your pocket to boot!

3. Build your future family home.

No house is as perfect for your family as the one you dream up yourself. Find the perfect piece of land in the perfect part of town and build your family's forever home. No more trying to update an old house to suit your style, or wishing you could have that extra half-bath.

Having trouble affording a new home and worried that you'll never get there? According to MarketWatch, the median sales price for a home in December of 2018 was over $250,000. The Lenders Network puts the median cost of building a new home at just over $300,000. But a solid pre-fabricated shipping container home costs about $15,000 and you can customize to suit your needs for additional costs. The style, design plan, number of bedrooms and bathrooms will all be up to you! In addition to being able to customize to your family's needs, these homes offer the benefit of mobility should you relocate and they're much better for the environment, according to Forbes.

Not quite ready to build yet? No problem! Buy that great piece of land and hang onto it until you are. Either way, it's an investment you can hang on to.

4. Enjoy an investment that's safe and sound.

Land is one of the soundest investments out there. When you invest in the stock market, you give control to someone else, cross your fingers, HOPE they make you some money and pray that they don't lose it. Land is an investment that you can see, feel and touch; it's not gonna disappear overnight. It's also an investment you can continue to use while it appreciates in value. And eventually, you can leave it as a family legacy for your children and grand-children.

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